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Carl Tremblay's Metallic Blue Aqua 1997 SE

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      Engine Mods:
    • Custom 3" stainless intake
    • K&N cone air filter
    • Platinum spark plug
    • New spark wire
    • Ractive MT-225 Muffler with dual 3" upward tips
    • Leave upper and lower airbox
    • Valve cover paint aqua
    • Thermostat 180 F replace 195 F
    • Custom thermostatic fan switch
    • Gaz wire box paint aqua
    • Custom battery cover in stainless steel
    • Remove hood insolating
    • Carbon fiber decals under the hood

      Suspension / Wheel Mods:

    • CSA Odyssey 16x7 wheels
    • Bridgestone Potenza RE910 205-55-16
    • Chrome tire valve cover
    • Rear KYB shocks
    • Rear KYB head shocks
    • GM Front strut tower brace
    • TechRacing slotted / crossDrilled front brake disc
    • TechRacing front brake pads
    • Drums and calipers paint aqua

      Exterior Mods:

    • Custom front clear corner light
    • Solar wing aqua
    • Front air dam Wingswest
    • Side skirt RkSport with door panel for Sunfire
    • Blue neon underbody kit
    • Headlight cover paint aqua
    • Sunfire stripes on the top of the front window
    • Sunfire stripes on the rear bumper
    • Club J-Body de la Capitale stripes on the side window
    • Door handle paint aqua
    • Stainless bolt on registration plate
    • Blue Xenon Eurolite
    • Reflector on the rear bumper paint aqua
    • Black windows all around
    • Black valence on the top of the windshield

      Interior Mods:

    • Aqua head shifter
    • Dash paint aqua
    • Door paint aqua
    • Aqua/grey pedals cover
    • Grey/black Pontiac logo on front seats
    • Grey/black Pontiac logo on back seat
    • Grey/black Sunfire trim on the doors

      Audio Mods:

    • CD/MP3 player JVC KD-SX980 with red lamp

      Miscellaneous Mods:

    • Anti-theft system

      Future Mods:

    • Eibach Pro-Kit 1.4" drop (to be install)
    • Front KYB struts
    • Rksport Wings (or racetech)
    • Andy Autosport Dragon Z rear bumper
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